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For many years to come Mommy and Daddy pandas told little pandas the story of how the brave One-ring-panda named Patch had come to save the real and true King Percival of Yot from his jail cell and put him back upon the throne.

As a matter of fact, Patch Panda became a legendary hero and a statue of him, built to honor his memory, stood for at least a century or two in the Public Courtyard in front of Panda Palace. After all, the Kingdom of Yot did become a better place to live because of Patch Panda. Not only did he save all from the selfish Prince Pubert, but because of him, One-Ring-Pandas were freed to enjoy life as much as any other pandas of Yot. Patch had proven, once and for all, that there is really no difference between a One-ring-panda and a Two-ring-panda, except the way they look. He had shown everyone that a one-ring-panda could be just as much of a hero as any other panda could hope to be, and just as smart and good. Most of all, he showed that a panda people should be judged for their character, and not the color of their fur. 

The Real King Percival by Keir Sampson

Of course, if anyone wonders what happened to Patch Panda after the real King Percival took over the Kingdom of Yot, he can go to any Public Panda Library where historians have written the rest The History of Yot in panda history books.

There it says that the good and grateful King Percival knighted Patch Panda, dubbing him, Sir Patchus of Yot. Sir Patchus, of course, married Princess Pandora and they lived happily together for the rest of their lives and had both One-Ring and Two-Ring babies who got along just fine as brothers and sisters.

Of course, the bad Prince Pubert, who had been changed back into himself, was banished from the Kingdom and sent away on a boat. He sailed away to another country to cause trouble somewhere else.

As for Mervin mouse, well, he didn’t exist anymore once he had changed back into the real King Percival. That is, he didn’t exist until Patch realized how much he missed his little friend, of whom he had become quite fond. So, Patch asked the real King Percival to use the powers of The Magic Crown to recreate Mervin. King Percival was only too happy to do so because he found that he, too, rather missed his former self. As a matter of fact, Mervin Mouse made himself a nice cozy hole in the wall just behind the King’s throne where he lived quite happily. He often helped the King make many important decisions and actually came to be known as the Power Behind the Throne. Often, he would show up at Patch’s house for a friendly bite of cheese, and a cup of raspberry tea, and he and Patch would talk over old times together.

By the way, Pinchpenny Panda was so glad to be saved from his public spanking, and so frightened by the thought of it, that he decided that money, after all, was not the most important thing in his life. He became a rather kind and thoughtful Commander of the King’s Armies, and was called “Goodpenny” by his closest friends. Yot became a better place to live and the pandas there were so happy, that hardly anyone ever broke The New Laws of the Land. 


KingPPrincessPatch TheENDbyKeir.jpg
King Percival blessed the marriage of Princess Pandora to Sir Parchus Panda and they lived happily every after, and had more Patch Pandas who were loved for generations to come. By Keir Sampson

In case you are wondering if Sir Patchus Panda spent the rest of his life walking around invisible, he didn’t, for when the good King Percival asked The Magic Crown how Patch could become visible again, it answered very calmly, in it’s usual pleasant tone: “Just turn the ring around and around in the other direction!” and when Patch did that, he appeared, looking as healthy as ever and as nice, except for the peanut butter smudges on his furry white chin.

The King's Castle of YOT by Keir Sampson
The End
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