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Long, long ago, in a child’s dreams, there was a world where only toy animals lived. It was a topsy-turvy world where trees were blue, grass was blue and sky was green, but no one who lived there seemed to mind. (Would you mind blue trees and green sky if you were a purple rabbit, a green elephant or a orange puppy?)

This strange world was divided into many countries. One of them was called Yot. The Land of Yot was the home of white and black giant panda bears. They looked very much like the giant pandas that come from Tibet in China here on Earth. Panda bears were the main toy animals who lived in Yot which is toy spelled backwards. The toy panda bears favorite dance in the Land of Yot was to prance backwards to Mozart’s happiest music played on a toy piano.

            According to the history books of the country, a fellow named Patch Panda was the most famous hero who ever lived in Yot. A statue to honor Patch Panda stood in the Public Courtyard right in front of Panda Palace. Mommy and daddy pandas used to read the story of Patch Panda to their children, just as someone might be about to read it to you right now, If you can read it to yourself, that is superb!  

The Land of Yot, which is "Toy" spelled backwards, By Grandma Daniela
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